Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Maxi Skirt

I've had some pretty cool fabric since last summer just calling my name to make something with it. I meant to make a skirt last summer but never got to it.

I bought it for a couple of dollars at an estate sale that I talked about here.

And then I even posted a picture of the fabric in this post. I had plans to make the skirt but was working on a huge upholstery project that took up all my time.

So this weekend I finally got it done...well...er...almost done.

The fabric is a stretchy jersey and is striped. I wanted to somehow sew it so the stripes came together in a v shape in a centered front seam. It took me sooo long to work it out. I ended up just jumping in and trying it and somehow it worked.

Here is how it looks.

Sorry for the poor lighting. It was late. 
I say almost finished because I still need to hem the bottom.

Are maxi skirts supposed to skim the floor? What is a good length?

For those interested in photography-

Audrey Woulard is an amazing children's photographer based out of Chicago. Tomorrow around noon she is putting up a post on Facebook (for a limited time) with 7 steps we can use to get amazingly sharp images like hers. Look her up if you're interested!

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