Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A Great Day

Even though I was not looking forward to school starting, things went rather well. 

I had an excited 7th grader that slipped out the door and walked to the bus stop down the street before I could even think about a picture. 

Here are the other two excited boys. 

E's school starts an hour earlier than theirs so that's how he escaped the picture. It was painful to get up that early. I never sleep good when I'm worried about getting up earlier than usual. Anyone else have that problem?

I drove Cole down to his bus stop. (Which turns out to be too far away according to the bus driver and will now be picked up in front of our house! Yay!)

Here he is posing with the other kids. 

He actually has to transfer to another bus before getting to his school because we do school of choice. I was nervous for him. He seemed very unsure about it all. But he made it safe and sound. (I may or may not have drove to his school to watch for him to get off the bus :)

My Noah is growing up. He absolutely loves his school and even knows a few kids. He's so excited to go back and that makes this momma very happy. I was afraid he would not enjoy it. His school building is beautiful and the teachers are all so nice. 

Isn't he so handsome in his new outfit?!
His school. 
And he gets a new Dell tablet!

Everyone had a great day. Couldn't be happier. 

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