Monday, July 22, 2013

Weekend Warrior

I thought this title was appropriate for the content of this post but it is also ironic.

We had our last baseball tournament this weekend. (Woohoo!)

Next year we will be separating from the Lakeshore Storm which we just merged with at the beginning of this year. It wasn't the right fit for a few different reasons. Next year we will be the Warriors.

I had a warrior of my own this weekend. My youngest was a magnet for trouble. He fell on his face in the dugout, fell down the wooden bleachers and then fell off a skateboard at our team party. Also, he almost got hit with a foul ball.

Here he is after his first fall. It was a long day and so so hot. He crashed on me which made me doubly hot.

I tried to catch a few pictures of his wounds but he was not having any of it.

Here are my attempts.

This is a good one of his face.

This one I almost caught all of his shoulder wound along with the one on his knee.

This is his other shoulder.

Here is a blurry one that shows the struggle it took to get these.

He is much more cooperative when he's sleeping!

We are happy for a break from baseball and look forward to what next year will bring.

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