Friday, July 26, 2013


I have been making some progress. The garage has gone from this-

To this-

 Better. But still a little ways to go. We are hoping to fix that fridge and resell it. It is annoyingly taking up a huge amount of needed space right now.

I also rearranged the living room furniture. I haven't been fond of the layout since we moved in. Here is how it used to be.

This is how it looks now-

You may have noticed I finally hung my curtains. I found the hardware! Now I'm rethinking those white curtains that were from our previous house.  I need to do something to them to bring in a little color. Not sure what yet.

I also moved in the trunk my mom gave to me. It is a temporary coffee table for now. I am also rethinking those yellow lamps. I would rather have a green or blue color. Maybe somewhere in between- like a teal. My flowered chair we eventually get reupholstered or slip-covered. Someday.

This is the state of my craft/school room and what I will be tackling this weekend.

Wowwee. What a mess. I've got my hands full.

Have a great weekend!

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