Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Rainy Day Shopping

The boys (and myself) had gift cards to Target and they were burning a hole in their (our) pockets. Today seemed like a good day to shop in the nice air conditioning.

Yes. We are avoiding turning our air on. Anyone else toughin' it out?



Anyway, I have been avoiding Target like the plague. It is THE best way to stay on budget. But it's not very fun. Now I have a gift card so I feel it's safe. In fact, it never fails. Whenever I have a gift card I cannot find anything I want. Maybe I should just hang on to it and never spend it! Does anyone else have this problem?

We were looking at shoes and suddenly I see a beautiful photo op.

Oh yes. This happened. And it was all their idea.

One of them said "I always wanted to know what it felt like to walk in heels. "

Oh dear.

So I left the store with a full gift card intact and the boys' were empty. Did I really think I could do serious shopping with four boys. No, not really. I will have to go back solo some time soon.

I ran into TJ Maxx next by myself to pick up a birthday present for my niece. I saw a dress I had to try on. I bought it. It took a total of 8 minutes. Amazing.

It's the perfect summer dress. Light and bright and so comfortable.

The back is so pretty.

I love it.

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