Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Vegan Adventure

I know I stated this in another post but I didn’t go into any detail. I recently read this book.


It was a lot to take in but it made logical sense to me. To summarize- Dr. Fuhrman believes that dairy and meat are the leading cause of disease. And that fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes and beans have all the nutrition we need in our diet.

So for six weeks I am eating vegan. I am a week and a half into it. In the beginning it was hard. Very hard. But only because I had to kick my caffeine addiction. I had a headache for about two days. I had a sugar addiction too. That was a little harder. I still crave sweets once in a while. But it’s getting easier.

But what about protein? you ask.

Green leafy vegetables contain more protein per ounce than steak.

Here is what I am supposed to try to eat each day (I say try because it’s hard to do all of them, but most of the time I do).

- Eat a pound of salad

- Eat a pound of cooked vegetables

- Eat an ounce of raw nuts

- Eat a cup of beans

- Eat at least four whole fruits

Benefits so far: My skin is more clear. I don’t get headaches. I wake up feeling better. I’ve lost six pounds.

I realize a lot of the weight I lost may have been water weight. My body used to retain a lot of water. I pee about twice and much as I used (which was not very much to begin with).

But weight loss is just a side benefit to getting yourself healthy and more able to fight sickness and disease.

I am now reading this book to try to help stop my kids from getting sick so often-


I will let you know what I think when I’m done. I know it won’t be easy to change what my kids eat. But I’m going to try.

I got this book from the library this past week.


I made a recipe from it last night. It was delicious. I’m excited to eat the leftovers today. It was a vegetable chili and so very easy to make.

I don’t feel deprived at all, so I think I can make it. I may allow a little Turkey on Thanksgiving Day. But that’s it.

After the six weeks I will probably allow some meat, but hardly any dairy. About 90% of my diet will be like it is now with only 10% of the other stuff.

Go to your library and check out these books if you have the time! They have tons of great information.

If anyone wants the vegetable chili recipe- let me know!

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