Monday, November 12, 2012

A Unique Wedding

We went to my cousin's wedding this weekend. It was very different but pretty at the same time.

When I spoke to my Aunt a couple of months back she mentioned the wedding would have camouflage in it. My initial reaction was not a good one. My Aunt's family is really into hunting and anything outdoors. Apparently the bride-to-be is even more so.

Here are some snapshots from their day.

Her wedding dress was more traditional. It was lacy and gorgeous. My cousin wore a white tux. His groomsmen wore a tan tux with a camouflage vest and tie. The bridesmaids wore brownish dresses. Sometimes they looked like an eggplant color. The flowers they used were sunflowers.

The reception

I think overall it was beautiful. It's not something I would have chosen, but still pretty.
Even their invitations went along with the theme.

(I crossed out things to keep them anonymous)

We had a lot of fun and the boys have discovered they love going to weddings. They like to get out on the dance floor and "dance".
Happy Monday!

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