Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Go Vote!

I did this morning and it wasn't too busy.

Then I got groceries.

Then I went to a conference for Cole that is actually in two weeks. (Oops!)

Next was a doctors appointment. My spine is aligned. Dr. Hilsman is the best!

Soon is a meeting at E's school about bringing iPads home.

And last is E's conference.

What a busy day!
Anyone else have a day like mine?

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  1. I am worried there isn't much for you to eat in that trolley... And what are scary cakes! ;)
    No, my day wasn't quite that busy!

  2. None was for me except the fruit and beans :)
    The main objective was to get dish soap, bread (for the boys), and a snack for Cole's school (hence the scary cakes!). I almost said something about them knowing I would get some comment. Ha!