Friday, February 5, 2016

Open Shelving Opinions

In my last post I talked about the plywood planks we have put up on our kitchen wall. Very soon they will be painted white. On either side of the window I am doing open shelving. But I need your help.

I first fell in love with this type of bracket. The price is a little higher but I also wasn't sure if it fit my style even though I LOVE it.

I started liking this type of bracket more and more. I think it might be a better fit with my style. Plus these are available at our local Menards store for a great price!

And there is this option.

But this is my dilemna. What color shelf and what color bracket? Initially I was thinking white for both. Keep in mind I will have a white background. Is that too much white? I also have white dishes I'm putting on the shelf. But I was also going to add in wood elements and some greenery to sit on the shelves. OR..Do you think stained shelf and white brackets? Also keep in mind that I will have stained wood countertops. The bottom cabinets will eventually be a darker teal color. And the third option is stained shelves and metal, black brackets. I do LOVE contrast and they would pop against the white background. I'm just not sure and I need your opinions, please. Here are some pictures depicting all three scenarios.

via Pinterest

What do you think? Should I keep it light and bright up top since I will have darker cabinets on the bottom and stained wood countertops? Or should I go with a bit of contrast with the other two options? And which style of bracket? Let me know what you think!!


  1. I think I changed my mind from when we verbally discussed it. I voted stained shelves & white brackets. Looking at these pics, I (purely opinion; definitely not a "style expert") feel the all white almost gets lost. I think I'll LOVE the stained shelves w/ black brackets with the wood counter tops & teal cupboards! Sounds like lots of character! Sounds like you! :)

  2. Thanks! I'm still so torn on what to do though!

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  4. Hey Angie! I like them all!! No really, though, here's my two cents, for what it's worth. I like the all white, but if I had it in my kitchen I would have a hard time maintaining 'perfection' with all of the placement of dishes on the shelves. I think disorder shows up more in the all white. I think the stained shelves have more forgiveness for when you don't have time to always keep it organized...or your boys fail to understand the importance of organization and placement! I'm torn on brackets. I like the black metal, but think it pops best when you have matching metals (black sink faucet, black pendant light, etc). Otherwise, white bracket looks just great too. Good luck!

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