Monday, August 19, 2013

Random News

1. I bought a hydrangea plant. It is a kind I have never seen before. It's called Pistachio Hydrangea. It's beautiful and I'm thinking of going to get another one.

2. I did back to school shopping on Friday night. We did the majority of it at Salvation Army. We got something for everyone, even me. And we spent very little. I had to go to Kohls to get jeans because I couldn't find any for my oldest. I spent twice as much money and got a third as much stuff as I did at Salvation Army. I didn't take any pictures of what I did get but here are some shoes I didn't get.

3. I will now have three boys going to school. Well...sort of. Number three will be going two half days a week. The rest will be done at home with me. It is a new public charter school that can be done online. He's actually pretty excited.
4. I will be traveling to Detroit this week to take newborn pictures of my newest niece. I can't wait!
5. I've got quite a story to tell you. It is still too fresh to talk about it yet. I need a couple days to gain a better perspective.
6. The tip tops of my maple trees are showing some changing color. Too soon. I love fall but I'm not ready for my boys to go back to school.
7. My sister and nephew pleasantly surprised me on Friday. It was so good to see them and I now have even more reasons to go up north (where they're staying) for a visit!
8. I've been working on plans for the kitchen. My goal is to have it almost all done for our fall birthday party.
9. I've started waking the boys up earlier to get their routine set for school. I think it's harder on me than it is on them.
10. Do you have any end of summer plans? Any traditions for how you say goodbye to summer or hello to fall?

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  1. That public charter school thing sounds really cool! Where will he be on the days he goes to school? Same school as Cole?
    Cute shoes! And isn't it amazing what you can find second hand?! my new favorite jeans are from Africa's child!