Thursday, August 22, 2013

Newborn Pictures & Goodwill

I went to Detroit to take pictures of my new niece- Alli Jo.

They have a great Goodwill really close to their house. So, of course, we had to pay a visit before leaving town. I would be in grave danger if I lived by this Goodwill. They get a lot of clearance stuff from Target.

We got some soccer shoes for big E (tryouts are Tuesday)

And I got some items.
And one big purchase.
We were always putting a Michigan blanket on the floor to sit on or fold laundry on so I figured it was time. The rug is a little small for the space, but it works for me.

I love it but the one negative is it sheds a little.

Here are the pictures of Alli Jo. The session went so easily. I could do newborns every day.

Such a cutie!

Thanks for looking!

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