Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Great Outdoors

I walked around my yard taking pictures about a month ago.

My point was to blog about all the changes I wanted to make to our landscaping. But my focus changed while taking those pictures. Let me explain.

For instance:

I'm not sure what to do about that humongous bush next to our driveway. Trim or remove?
I'd like to remove all those weeds that grew in the loose dirt where a barn used to be before we moved in. I'd like to put our trampoline there.

 I'd like to get rid of that hideous wooden structure and dig a large, round fire pit there. I'd also like to get rid of that first pine tree. I really don't like pine trees.

There is so much overgrown yuckiness surrounding my shed. I'd like to remove all of it along with those ugly pine trees.

This monstrosity is a rose bush of some kind. It is actually growing up under the eaves of the house. I need to remove it all. It's huge.

I actually have weeds and trees growing out from my house. I'm not very good at weeding.

Those overgrown and ugly pine trees must go also. Along with the gigantic weeds and newly sprouting trees next to my shed.

On the other side of the pine trees is where I would like my future garden.

Oh, look. Here comes my youngest running to me in the distance.

What's that JJ? Oh, you need to go potty? Sure, just go right here in the weeds.

Evidently peeing outside is not something we have gone over yet. He left his waistband partially pulled up so his little weenie was pointing straight up. He started peeing all over his arm, shirt, shorts, and face. Yes. His face. And once he started he couldn't stop. All I could do was watch and wait until he was done. He wasn't happy. I had my camera turned on and in my hand. So I did what probably no other mother would do.

I took his picture. I tried to stifle my giggle. He saw me laughing and so he started laughing too. Eventually. We went inside to clean up and he bragged about it to his brothers. Crazy boy.

(This photo has been censored with a black box)

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